This can be a possibility providing you contact us within reasonable time before your event, so be sure to contact the team, as soon as possible. We aim to provide you the best service and where possible we would be able to change your choice of equipment and entertainment, however depending on the equipment you wish to upgrade to, there could be a cost implication and subject to availability.

We can facilitate a local area to present some of our items for hire in action. Moreover, photos and videos on our site and social media speak a thousand words, we also have a YouTube channel that showcase some of our products.

We are proud to say that we do own all of the equipment that you see here on our site or social links.

We will never offer your event to a third party however should we be bringing someone in to work alongside us we will always let you know. We can guarantee that you will receive the exact same piece of equipment you see in the photographs / videos on display here, and each piece of equipment will be in the same high standard of safety and cleanliness.

Once a client who intends to work with us accepts a quote, we reserve the right to use any photograph/video taken at any event without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph/video. We may use the photograph/video on our site / socials to build our work portfolio and use the same as marketing material.

To ensure the privacy of event attendees, images / videos will not be identified using full names or personal identifying information without written approval from the photo-graphed / video-graphed subject, parent or legal guardian.

Every photograph / video used on our site or social links has been taken at one of our many client social and corporate events.

It’s never too late for the team to visit your event. Our selection of equipment and entertainment allows us to almost always cater for any event, even if you’re only getting in touch at-least seven days before the event.

A full day entails 8hrs. Half day entails 4hrs. Quarter day entails 2hrs.

NOTE: It does not include setup or tear down hours.

Any additional hour will be charged Ksh.10,000 per hour at an accrual basis.

We do not shy away from the fact that we are not the cheapest event vendors that you may come across. This is a result of the high standard of service that we provide, which not every event vendor offers. We always strive to offer the best deal possible for your event, however it is not always possible to price match as the quality service we offer is not always reflected in other vendors, and so it would not be a ‘like for like’ offer.

We offer the best possible customer service from the first contact right through to the day of the event.

We pride ourselves on the presentation of our equipment and staff, which is always to the highest standard. Every piece of equipment is regularly tested and maintained and we have all the necessary Health & Safety, Risk Assessments in place.

Safety is of the upmost importance for the Fun Experts and we go to every possible measure to ensure that our products are safe, clean and fun. Before an equipment for hire is deployed, we troubleshoot and oversee all features are functioning at full capacity. Furthermore, each member of staff has received full training from the for every piece of equipment we house.

We ask that the full quoted amount be paid at the time of booking or 48hrs prior to actual event date.

If you wish to make an alternative payment arrangement then please feel free to discuss this when you speak to our B2B Account Manager at the time of booking.

Accepted Payment options include RTGS, Pesa-link, Cheque or M-pesa.

NOTE: For bookings approved within 24hrs of events Cheque payments will not be accepted.

Should the unfortunate arise and you wish to cancel your booking after payment is made, then you will need to contact us immediately by phone. There would be a cancellation charge of 10% of the invoice should you wish to go ahead with the cancellation of your booking. Should you still wish to cancel your event after speaking to us then we would also require the request in writing. If you still have a question to ask and haven’t found the answer here then please don’t hesitate to contact the team.

Go through the items availabe for hire. Choose your preffered item / items and add to cart for quote to be requested. Once we review the information submited for quote request, we will send via email, a copy of the quote.

At this point, the quote will have an expiry date to which the quote either has to be accepted or rejected. Once accepted, payment must be commited in full for booking of the items availabe fo hire to be valid.

We have a wide variety of equipment and entertainment that can cater for many events including, weddings, birthday parties,team building events, fan zones, brand promotions and brand awareness campaigns and so many more. Our experience and knowledge means that we are more than comfortable when it comes to fan engagement in events including family fun days. We have immense pride in our work when providing our services for events.

We offer our clients many levels of service. This includes online planning meetings, site visits helping to create site plans for the fan engagement venue, power and utility requirements, managing the fan engagement section on the day, staffing and so much more.

You will provide power utility. If event is on an outdoor ground you will provide a fully equipped ventilated tent. In the event internet is required communication shall be passed in due course.

Each piece of equipment can take different lengths of time to set up. We always arrive with plenty of time to set up the equipment, ensuring that equipment is ready and tested at least two hours before the start of the event. Our team will confirm arrival times required prior to the event. We make every effort to ensure we arrive in good time.

In most cases, after you have booked the equipment for your event and everything has been confirmed a member of our team will contact you days prior to your event to have a final run through of the event details and ensure that there have been no changes. After this you’ll meet the team on the day of your event where we’ll share in what will be a fantastic event.

If you are holding a large scale event such as a Corporate fun day then there would be reason for us to be in contact more often as we arrange site visits, contact you regarding site plans and discussions regarding various details of the event. The team will offer you a high quality service and are always available to talk about your event so should you ever feel you need to speak to us then please do not hesitate to call us or drop us an e-mail.

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