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We work hand in hand with social event planners and brand marketing agencies to curate digital fan engagement zones in any event. These zones foster fan engagement for your event attendees to connect, share experiences and engage with the event on a deeper level.We drive innovative discussions prior to the actual event day, by sharing ideas and inspiring concepts to meet deliverables.

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Safaricom Decode Summit 2.0 2023
Safaricom Decode 2.0 a dynamic platform for Safaricom engineers to showcase their technical skills and connect with the tech community. The event combines technology and purpose to empower the youth in utilizing the digital space effectively. Dell Technologies used an F1 Simulator at the event to demonstrate tech innovation tips from Formula 1 Simulation, such as realistic physics modeling, high-resolution graphics, AI-driven opponents mimicking human behavior, and the use of force and haptic feedback on quality racing wheels.
F1 2023 Singapore Grand Prix Watch Party
The Paddock Experience didn't miss out on the Singapore Grand Prix held on September 17th 2023 at the Ibury Lounge. They continued the F1 Simulated Speed Challenge, with participants racing to achieve the fastest lap on the simulated Singapore GP circuit, famous for its challenging bends. The winner received a bottle of Jack Daniel's Old No.7 and earned a place in the finals event at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
NCBA-KMI 2023 Motorshow
During the NBCA-KMI Motorshow at Sarit Centre Expo from September 15th to 17th, 2023, we provided GT simulators and Virtual Reality experiences. At the NCBA Bank Stand, we implemented a quick "15-second rule" to facilitate speedy car loan approvals for customers. Additionally, at the CFAO Toyota booth, we showcased CFAO Toyota's support for the Toyota Gazoo Racing Team by offering a realistic racing simulation experience on our GT Track simulators.
F1 2023 Italy Grand Prix Watch Party
The Paddock Experience group had an exciting time at the Hungarian Grand Prix and decided to continue their F1 excitement by participating in the Simulated Speed F1 Challenge sponsored by Jack Daniels during the Italy GP watch party at the Vineyard Lounge on 3rd September 2023. In this challenge, participants raced on F1 simulators to set the fastest lap time on a simulated circuit based on the Italy Grand Prix. The winner received Jack Daniel's merchandise and earned a place in the finals of the Simulated Speed Challenge at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
Video game themed birthday party
Video game consoles with FIFA 23, Fortnite, and Just Dance simulations were rented for a twins' birthday party. The boys enjoyed a FIFA 23 tournament, while the girls danced to the Just Dance Simulation. Attendees received video game gift vouchers as a thank-you gesture from the twins for their presence at the party.
F1 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix Watch Party
Paddock Experience, renowned as Kenya's most vibrant F1 Fan Club, partnered with Jack Daniel's to host an exciting watch party for the Hungarian GP at Ibury Lounge on 23rd July 2023. The event featured the continuation of the Simulated Speed F1 Challenge tournament on cutting-edge F1 Simulators. Enthusiastic participants engaged in thrilling head-to-head races on the simulators, competing for a coveted spot on the leaderboard. The top performers on the leaderboard earned a chance to secure a spot at the highly anticipated final watch party event. Attendees were immersed in the virtual world of Formula 1 racing, cheering on their favorite participants as they navigated the simulated Hungarian GP circuit.
F1 2023 British Grand Prix Watch Party
On 9th July 2023, Ibury Lounge hosted the British GP watch party, featuring the continuation of the Simulated Speed F1 Challenge, proudly sponsored by Jack Daniel's. The winner secured a spot in the final watch party and was rewarded a bottle of Jack Daniel's. The event proved to be a thrilling experience for motorsport enthusiasts, who gathered to witness the simulated F1 action and cheer on their favorite competitors. The atmosphere at Ibury Lounge was electric, with attendees immersed in the world of Formula 1 racing. The British GP was a resounding success, leaving participants and spectators eagerly anticipating future events and further cementing their passion for motorsports and camaraderie.
F1 2023 Austrian Grand Prix Watch Party
Building on the success of the previous challenge hosted on 28th May 2023,  Austrian GB Simulated Speed F1 Challenge, hosted on 2nd July 2023 aimed to engage attendees in a thrilling competitive virtual racing experience. The simulators replicated the iconic Red Bull Ring circuit in Spielberg, Austria, known for its fast straights and challenging corners. Participants had the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete against each other for the top spot on the leaderboard. At the end of the challenge, the top performer received recognition for their exceptional driving skills. Prizes sponsored by Jack Daniel's were awarded to position 1, propelling the winner to the final event.
NCBA-KMI Motorshow Launch
NCBA Bank utilized the F1 simulator as a strategic tool in launching the Motorshow 2023 Expo, in partnership with KMI Association, an event for which NCBA are destined to be the main sponsors. The F1 simulator served as an interactive and immersive experience for attendees, allowing them to engage with the world of motorsports in a virtual setting. The simulator experience effectively communicated the bank's commitment to motorsports, and provided a platform for brand engagement and promotion.
Redbul Kenya - Play Video Game Convention
Redbull, a well known energy drink company, took a unique approach to engage with the audience by hosting a video game tournament at a video game expo dubbed, PLAY hosted by Movie Jabber at the Sarit Centre Expo Hall on April 29, 2023. To facilitate this event, Redbull hired console gaming stations (PS5's, TV's, Games and Accessories), providing participants with a platform to compete against each other in a competitive gaming environment. The tournament serves a focal point for attendees, allowing them to showcase their skills and compete for prices while also promoting Redbull as a brand that supports and celebrates gaming culture.
IFTEX 2023 - Kenya's International Floriculture Industry Trade Fair
During the IFTEX 2023 - Kenya's International Floriculture Industry Trade Fair held on June 6-9 2023 at the Visa Oshwal Center, Ring Road Parklands, Nairobi, Maersk Kenya incorporated a truck simulator as part of exhibition booth to enhance visitor engagement. The truck simulator allowed visitors to experience the challenges and intricacies of driving a Maersk truck in a realistic virtual environment. This demonstrated an immersive experience that showcases the complexities of the logistics and transport industry. By simulating the truck driving experience, Maersk aimed to educate the visitors about skills, precision and decision-making required in their day-to-day operations. The truck simulator experience also served as a platform for Maersk to highlight their commitment to safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability in transportation. 
F1 2023 Monaco Grand Prix Watch Party
During the Monaco F1 2023 Championships on May 28th 2023, Jack Daniels Kenya hosted the Monaco watch party at the Manhattan Club at the Imara Mall, along Mombasa Road. We set up F1 Motorsport McLaren branded simulators where guests of the watch party can unwind from the on-track action, throughout the live event. We also hosted a mini tournament dubbed Simulated Speed F1 Challenge, where F1 esports enthusiasts got to compete head to head for leaderboard top spot of the day, winning a 750 Jack Daniels bottle securing a spot to compete on the final watch party event.
F1 2023 Azerbijan Grand Prix Watch Party
During the Azerbaijan F1 2023 Championships on April 30th 2023, Junction Mall in conjunction with Box to Box hosted the Azerbaijan watch party at the Junction Mall Silo Parking Lot. We set up F1 Motorsport simulators where guests of the event can unwind from the on-track action, throughout the live event and also offered localized competition leaderboard.
Castrol, Rubis Energy Kenya Partnership Launch
On 30th March 2023, Castrol announced its official partnership with Rubis Energy Kenya at a launch event held at the Sarit Expo Centre in Westlands, Nairobi under #ChangeYourOilDNA. The event was graced by top automotive influencers in Kenya. On display was the legendary rally car, the Toyota Celica GT 4 among other cars including a Mustang Shelby GT. During the Launch, guests got to revv up their childhood engines by 'Re-Engineer there driving experiences" on the Formula 1 and GT Track simulators.
E-Ligue 1 Tour Finals 2023
We supplied the 1v1 esports stage desk used by the final 16 participants who qualified from a previous qualifiers event. The 1v1 esports stage desk package consisted of 2 units of gaming monitors, 2 units of gaming chairs, 1 unit of PS5 standard accompanied with 2 controllers and gaming headsets. To project the participants profile as they played, we supplied 2 units of TCL TV's 55 Inch. The 16 qualifiers went head-to-head on a single elimination bracket tournament to crown the winner who was to represent Kenya in the E-League 1 Tour Esports Tournament, held in June 2023, in Paris - France.
F1 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix Watch Party
During the opening of F1 2023 Championships on May 5th 2023, Junction Mall in conjunction with Box to Box hosted the Bahrain Grand Prix watch party at the Junction Mall Parking Lot. We set up F1 Motorsport simulators to keep the audience in attendance engaged by participating in a leaderboard race, to get the fastest to complete a circuit. 
E-Ligue 1 Tour Qualifiers 2023
We supplied 16 units of PS5 complete units and 16 units of 43 inch TCL TV’s that were used to run the FIFA 23 qualifiers event to qualify +250 participants who signed up for the E-Ligue 1 Esports tournament. We also engaged the participants using the Formula 1 and GT Track motorsport simulators as they waited their turn to qualify.
Loreal Kick Off 2023
On February 17 2023, we joined L’Oréal Kenya in an event where their four divisions, their brands and their corporate functions presented what’s next at their annual L’Oréal Kickoff Meeting for 2023. Within the mancave tent for Versman Men's Lotion, attendees were testing the new Versman refreshing & cooling, fast absorbing, enriched with vitamin E & sunscreen lotion. In-order to express a touch of class and masculinity, the attendees got a chance to experience a cool ‘variant’ of the Formula 1 and GT Track motorsport simulation.
H.E Ruto children’s party at state house
Using the Oculus Quest 2 VR experience, the kids in attendance got to experience virtual reality games from boxing, tennis and dancing.
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