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We do our best to create memorable experiences.

We work hand in hand with social event planners and brand marketing agencies to curate digital fan engagement zones in any event. These zones foster fan engagement for your event attendees to connect, share experiences and engage with the event on a deeper level.

We drive innovative discussions prior to the actual event day, by sharing ideas and inspiring concepts to meet deliverables.

We can’t wait to share our journey with you.

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F1 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix Watch Party

During the opening of F1 2023 Championships, Junction Mall in conjunction with Box to Box Regista, hosted the Bahrain Grand Prix watch party. We set up F1 Motorsport simulators to keep the audience in attendance engaged by participating in a leaderboard race, to get the fastest to complete a circuit.

E-Ligue 1 Tour Qualifiers 2023

We supplied PS5 complete units and 43 inch TCL Tv’s that were used to run the FIFA 23 qualifiers event. We also engaged the ones in attendance using the motorsport simulators. Attendees had the chance to run a round on the simulators as they waited their turn to qualify.

Loreal Kick Off 2023

Within the mancave tent, attendees were testing the new Versman refreshing & cooling, fast absorbing, enriched with vitamin E & sunscreen lotion. In-order to express a touch of class and masculinity, the attendees got a chance to experience a cool ‘variant’ of the Formula 1 and GT Track motorsport simulation.

H.E Ruto children’s party at state house

Using the Oculus Quest 2 VR experience, the kids in attendance got to experience virtual reality games from boxing, tennis and dancing.

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